The health of our planet and global society is stressed every day by big business and its mandate for profit.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all business owners and investors
cared enough to
Fix Our Own Shit?
Companies often brag about their positive economic and societal impact but often stay silent about all the damage they cause.
Let’s look at two examples:
Small Business
Two furniture companies are seeking outside investment.
Both offer the same quality products and services.

Company A
Offers a $500,000 return within one year of a $1,000,000 investment.
Company B
Offers only a $200,000 return on the same $1,000,000 investment.

Assuming the same amount of risk in each business, it’s a no-brainer for the
investor to choose Company A, obviously it offers a much higher return.
Very few, if any investors will care to ask for more information analyzing and
comparing the negative impacts of the two competing companies.
If they did, they would discover the following:
Business A
Business B
Replants the trees
Uses biodegradable chemicals
Uses child labor
Pays fair wages
Uses recyclable packaging
Company A with no regard for its negative global impact enjoys a 50% margin.

Company B Spends a lot of its profits to offset its negative impact on society
and the planet and FIXES ITS OWN SHIT!

By being responsible for global health they reduce their profit margin to 25%.
Company A will have no trouble finding willing investors to help grow its business.
They can also offer consumers a 30% discount on their products.

Company B cannot afford such a generous marketing incentive.
If both companies were selling similar sofas at $1,000, Company A can offer the
sofa for $700.
For the average consumer, a $300 dollar difference might mean the difference
between sending their kids to camp or having them stay home and play video

The decision for the consumer is clear.
Company B cannot compete with company A and is forced out of business.
Thus Company A is rewarded for irresponsible, dangerous business practices and
Company B goes belly up for doing the right thing and because it FIXED ITS OWN SHIT!.

The loser is our planet and our children.
«Investors and entrepreneurs should evaluate the impact of their companies and make sure the sum of their actions including profits, has a POSITIVE IMPACT on our planet and global society.
Every country should pass laws that force all businesses to reduce and offset their negative impact on our planet and fix their own shit
Sergey Dmitriev
Big business.
The Tobacco Industry
The tobacco industry is almost literally printing money by the billions!
While they rake in profits, 10%-20% of their consumers suffer from lung disease
and cancer.

The pain, suffering, heartache, and medical cost are staggering!

It is the taxpayers throughout the world that pay the bill, not the tobacco companies
who created and profited from their shit. This is wrong.

I challenge every business owner to FIX YOUR OWN SHIT!
Big businesses like the tobacco industry must be universally, globally, and legally,
mandated to pay the real cost of the impacts of their businesses.

My dream is that every business starts fixing its own shit.
Investors and entrepreneurs need to care about the future of our planet and

Enterprises that make billions in profit dollars have moral, ethical, and legal
obligation to fix their own shit.

As it is said, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Ideally, it would be better to fix your own shit before it becomes shit.
Either way, I believe Big Business should be mandated by law and public opinion to
fix their own shit or be permanently terminated.
A balance between profit and the long-term health of our planet is essential to
our survival.
Balance and sustainability are crucial. Worldwide, Universal laws should be
vigorously enforced by all governments making every business reduce and offset
its negative impacts… and fix their own shit!
“Investors and entrepreneurs should evaluate the impact of their
businesses and make sure the sum of their actions, has
a positive effect on our planet and global society.
Every country should pass laws that force all businesses to reduce
and offset their negative impact on our planet.
Sergey Dmitriev
Pledge for positive impact
Are you a business owner?
Are you committed to long-term growth and sustainability?
Do you feel an obligation to
protect our planet and children?
Do you believe big business
has an obligation to give back?
Our planet is on fire!
Do you want to do something about it?
If the answer is yes
sign this pledge for a positive impact.
By doing so you promise to…
  • 1
    Calculate negative impacts of your business
    To the best of your ability and knowledge calculate the negative impacts of all aspects of your business.
  • 2
    Reduce negative impacts
    Put an effort to reduce all negative impacts in your manufacturing, transportation and other stages of your product or service offering.
  • 3
    Offset things that can not be reduced
    Offset those impacts that can not be eliminated with 10% more than needed to help the planet recover.
  • 4
    Transparently share the data*
    * If this is not a deal breaker, transparently share your data with the public to invite critique and improvement of impact models and impact calculations.
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